Let's reimagine leadership

& redefine success.

I help executives, entrepreneurs, and
leaders like you
create and lead with character.

Character is the most vital element of good leadership. No matter what the setting, it’s the secret ingredient that makes work meaningful and vibrant. It’s also the skill set that is discussed and developed the least.

Why is character so mysterious? Because it’s is often described as a “soft skill” of management. That’s a weird label for actions like being true to your vision, making decisions with integrity, and being compassionate in the midst of conflict. Why do we leave out the use of our character when we talk about success? It’s vital to some of the hardest, most rewarding work we do! When we include character in our vision of leadership, our work becomes more meaningful and powerful.

I’m here to help you get the tools and skills you need to lead with character and make your work – and your life – easier, happier, and more satisfying. Sound good? Let’s get started!

Communicate Well

Decrease your own stress and help create a better organization.

Teach & Lead by Example

Be proud of how you lead AND have fun in the process.

Create a New Way to Work

Inspire your team and make things WAY better than "Normal."

Clients include:

Brandeis University
Hotel Vermont
Harvard University

Proven systems that work.

(Seriously. You can make leadership work better for everyone - including you!)

Which traits make you happiest & most effective?

Download your Character Compass and reconnect to the things that bring more satisfaction and joy to your work.

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