Get the unexpected skills that
make leading easier.

They’re so good you’ll wish you’d had them all along.

Working with Humans:

skills are required.

You know the leadership stuff you wish you'd known how to do before you said yes to this job?

It’s the stuff people assume you can do well because you’re in charge ­– the things you’ve probably been winging for a while. Things like:

  • Empowering people effectively so they follow through
  • Handling crises of any size with agility and calm confidence
  • Giving feedback in a way that feels both sincere and effective
  • Building camaraderie and teamwork (without having to do a single trust fall)

You don't need to wing it anymore.

Let’s get you the skills to make leading easier and better for everyone.

The management and leadership skills we used to think of as
“nice to have” are now a must have for survival.

Recent changes in our work cultures have been profound. COVID-19, increased remote work, and vital social and cultural awakenings require more from every leader and manager.

While systemic changes are not easy in organizations, I’m heartened that so many leaders are turning toward the work I’ve devoted my career to: getting people the foundational tools to work better, together.

You sense that leadership could be easier.
You're right.

But you’re seeing some of these behaviors on a daily basis:

Avoidance is the norm.

Quick! Look busy… and reschedule that meeting. Postpone that review.

If you’re ghosting colleagues or they’re ghosting you, you’re wasting time, energy, AND money. That’s a problem.

Respect is lacking.

“We used to have a great team…” Teams change and yours is struggling to connect.

The management equivalent of yelling, “Hey, you kids! Get off of my lawn!” or whispering, “Ok, Boomer,” isn’t optimal.

Inefficiency is everywhere.

Seriously, why won’t they just follow through on that idea from four meetings ago?

It feels like every meeting could have been an email. They could have been emojis. Priorities are totally askew.

Enthusiasm is unexpected.

You’ve got a vision and the chops to lead, but you want to create success without repeating past experiences of resistance or cynicism from within your team.­

Challenge accepted!

How many work-related problems are you juggling at the moment?

Whatever your response, it’s probably too many. You’re not alone.

Download my Workplace Ailment BINGO diagnostic tool and take a look at what’s ailing your organization and start learning how to fix it.


And maybe there's nothing really "wrong."

  • But you and your team are having a hard time dealing with the new paradigm of work.
  • The old way of doing things almost works – until it doesn’t.
  • You need to get a better skill set without reinventing the wheel.

Do any of these feel familiar?

We're exhausted.

The last couple of years have been a LOT. We’re losing people (or at risk of losing them), our managers are fried, and morale is pretty bad.

We’re tired. We’re crabby. We’re not sure how to fix this.

noun_Endless Line_131200


Our people are smart and well-intentioned, but we keep having the same problems over and over… and over.

This doesn’t feel sustainable and the fun is gone. We want out of this rut and into a groove.

We're perplexed.

Why are we constantly having to repeat things? There are so many basic things that our teams just DON’T understand.

Is every company experiencing this general cluelessness about how to get things done?


Our team is good and has the desire and ability to help create the future we envision.

We’ve learned from the past and from those around us: we know what we want. We’re ready to build something great.

If you're overwhelmed and winging it,
here's a way through.

You can stop the whirl of overwhelm, get your bearings, make a plan, be able to share it well, and have a team follow through while having a good time. (Really, it’s true!)

Choose any of the doors below and we’ll get started building the foundational management and leadership skills you’ve been missing.

leadership, choices, door, workshops

Door #1

Workshops and Facilitated Meetings

Topic-specific for your organization. Aligned with Foundational Management.

Virtual or in person: fending off both COVID-19 and Zoom fatigue is key!

leadership, choices, executive coaching

Door #2

Executive and Leadership Coaching

Insight into and support of your leadership style and skill. You want to improve, and I know know you can!

Individual work for senior leaders and core teams.

leadership, choices, organizational development

Door #3

Organizational Design and Development

Build shared strategies that serve your organization’s health. Get clear. Get solid. And enjoy doing great work!

For leadership and management teams.

leadership, manaement, choose your own adventure

Door #4

Your Own

Combine any option as part of your organization’s plan for sustainable growth, prosperity, and success.

Bring yourself – and even your whole team!

Which door looks best for YOU right now?

These foundational skills WORK.

You can get the skills that make leadership easier for everyone – especially you!

“Laura simplifies processes that I (and others) tend to over complicate. She also is able to show you how to take the emotion out of tricky situations - yet still show up with empathy. It's kind of her magic trick… “
Nicole Junas Ravlin
“Laura knows how to listen. I mean capital L listen. She understands lots of information quickly and understands what makes people tick. And she knows how to deliver hard-to-hear information in a welcoming, non-threatening way.”
Eliza Brown
Harvard University
“Laura is able to deliver critical feedback while drawing the person in with kindness, empathy, and perhaps most uniquely, a wicked sense of humor.”
Allison Davis
Sales Done Differently

Clients include:

Vermont Public
Harvard University
Barr Hill, Caledonia Spirits
Christine Burdick Design
11th Hour Racing
Brandeis University
Hotel Vermont
Harvard Business School

Leadership and management can be easier.

Get the foundational skills that we all need but haven’t been taught.

Download my FREE Workplace Ailment Bingo PDF to learn where your team might be stuck – and then see what you can do to fix it.

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