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Leadership and management can be better than we’re used to. I know that’s true because I have the experience of leading differently and of helping my clients discover their own voice and style in a sea of management and leadership “shoulds.”

I want to help you find your own way of leading and ensure that you have good tools to help you feel proud of the work you do and – most importantly – how you do it.

My title is often Management Consultant, but I’m something of a camp counselor at heart. You know, that person who is on your side and will make sure you are skilled enough to swim confidently in the metaphorical management pool, that you can find the courage to earn your advanced archery/KPI badge, and that you are inclusive and upstanding toward the other “campers.” And I’m a person who will remind you that even when things are challenging, it’s okay to have some fun.

Work & Education

I have over 30 years of experience working in industries that include manufacturing, hospitality, and academia. Fifteen of those years were spent managing work teams. I earned my master’s from Harvard Graduate School of Education where I studied cognitive neuroscience and organizational behavior.

I own Slate Communication and am an instructor at Harvard Extension School where I teach about workplace communication and inter-generational management.

"Why are people so annoying at work?" and other FAQs

Why are people so annoying at work?

This is, in one form or another, the question I’m asked most frequently. My profound answer is,“Because we are.” And as obvious as that may seem, many of us in leadership roles forget this noble truth, and that ends up making everyone a little nuts.


Yes, work can be annoying, overwhelming, and stressful because of all the people involved. But people are what makes work great, and possible, too. The trick is knowing how to decrease the annoying elements and connect to the things that bring creativity, productivity, joy, and efficacy back into the day-to-day rhythm of work.

Why should I become a better leader and manager?

Becoming a better, character-driven leader makes work more satisfying and more fun. I swear it’s true!


Let’s face it: we’re all kind of exhausted. Work has been a bit berserk lately, what with the global pandemic and all, and the things we either loved or hated in our jobs have been oddly skewed and amplified. The fatigue of both the workplace status quo and workplace upheaval is real, often leaving us to bemoan our work while asking under our breath, “Where did my interest and enthusiasm go? Didn’t this used to be more… fun?”


The general sense of “meh” drains us as individuals, as leaders, and as organizations. Feeling stuck inhibits our basic ability to communicate and cooperate, much less thrive.


But we have more tools to remedy this situation than we realize. That’s where I come in. I help reconnect you to the joy of work and leadership. (You remember joy; it’s that thing you misplaced somewhere over the course of the last few months or decades.)

How do I know if I'd benefit from leadership coaching?

Good question. Let me ask this follow-up:

Do any of these circumstances sound like you?

  • You need quick tools that will make a difference at work right now
    • You want to make the most of a new opportunity, and you want to be prepared to make it fly (and not accidentally mess it up)
  • You have vision, but you’re cloudy about the people and the process at the moment
    • You think you have the right people to get where you want to go. But you don’t know if they know that you know that…
  • You have the sinking feeling that you’re missing something…
    • It’s not quite imposter syndrome, but it’s not NOT imposter syndrome…
  • You long for work to be fun, satisfying, AND successful
    • You know you can make your organization thrive, but you just want some help getting clearer on how to be the leader you dream of becoming
  • You wonder why you don’t know how to do the “leadership” and “management” things that seem obvious to others
    • Did everyone else get a download of skills when they got their new business cards and you missed out? (No, many people just pretend. You can learn this stuff, not fake it, and knock it out of the park!)

If you can relate to any of those circumstances, leadership coaching can help. And I get it. I’ve had these thoughts and asked these questions. I navigated my way through and gotten really good at helping others through, too.


Whether you’re trying to focus your team for an exciting new project, dealing with serious leadership concerns, or trying to find a way to make leadership fun again, I can help you and your team to move forward, and have a better time in the process.

Do you still own Slate Communication?

Yep, I sure do! Slate Communication is the backbone of everything you see here.


And I also have other ventures and projects related to Slate, most notably ALifeOfCharacter.com. Rather than confusing everyone – including myself –  I decided to connect all of those pieces in one spot at LauraCrandall.com.

I want to work with you! What should I do next?

Wahoo! Take a look at my coaching, consulting, and course options and drop me a line. I will talk with you soon!

Bonus: IAQ (Infrequently Asked Question)

What if the Hokey Pokey IS what it’s all about?

This is one of my favorite questions of all time! I read it on a bumper sticker 20 years ago, and I have been pondering its existential wink ever since.

Which traits make you happiest & most effective?

Download your Character Compass and reconnect to the things that bring more satisfaction and joy to your work.

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