“Laura’s common sense approach to business is unsurpassed, and her professionalism and knowledge of behavioral assessments are extraordinary. Laura is able to translate a complex business problem into an actionable plan. She has the experience and expertise to deliver high quality results, and has the personal skills that reflect her integrity and trustworthiness. She’s great to work with!”
Vicki L. Wilson
President, Willow Creek Consultants

“Laura is a laser beam cutting right through core issues–even the ones you don’t want to see or hear–and finding solutions and strategies for making important and lasting change. She has a sharp, sharp brain and a wit to match it. And as if this were not enough, her heart is big. Run don’t walk to hire her. ”

Beth Harrison
Executive Coach – Greater Boston Area

“Laura is wicked smaht and she’s got the credentials to back it up. I’ve worked closely with Laura for the past eight-plus years and she has made a significant impact on how we think and operate as a company. Her work in the area of team development has been of particular value. Laura is skilled at working at any level within the organization and adept at teaching our team about the value and process of quality communication. From pre-employment screening to conflict resolution, from organizational development to team building, Laura brings insight and energy to everything she does. Did I mention she’s wicked smaht?”

Matt Riley, SPHR
Vice President of People Operations, Marathon Health

“From the first time we worked together, it was readily apparent to me that Laura possessed a passion for educating our employees. Her enthusiasm and drive for excellence was contagious. She is an excellent communicator and consistently demonstrated great perseverance and determination in imparting her knowledge and vision to all of our team members at all levels. Her knowledge about training and education in a corporate environment is truly impressive. I believe that the business world is in need of and can benefit greatly from more people like Laura who are passionate about improving communication in a business context.”

Paula Doyle
VP Marketing, Au Bon Pain

“I first met Laura while she was presenting a workshop on communication at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.  Her energy was positive, her humor ever present, and her wisdom ran deep.  I was building a new team at the time and knew her mentorship was needed for us to come together in a tough environment of disruptive change. We learned perspective and grew to understand the difference between doing the work and performing in our careers.”

Matthew Sheehy
University Librarian – Brandeis University

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