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It's time to make things better.

The daily balance between “Work Is Great!” and “Work Is Overwhelming!” can tilt toward overwhelm pretty fast in our altered, physically distanced world. People are looking to you to keep things moving ahead and feel relatively normal.

But what if you could make things better than normal? What if you could change how the way you lead feels and functions? Our workplaces and the leaders within them – people like YOU – have never had a better chance to build a different way to work and lead.


Being able to communicate well is essential for better leadership. It helps you revitalize your vision and share it with others. I’ll help you get the tools and perspective you need to feel confident proud of how you lead.

Contact me to schedule a FREE 30min consultation to see if we’re a good match for leadership coaching.


“You need to lead by example.” But what if you’re not 100% sure of what you’re doing? So many leaders feel uncertain about the interpersonal skills that  make organizations thrive.

That’s because these skills don’t just magically show up when you become a leader (though that would be amazing!).

Check out the Classes page for my workshop schedule & free  resources that make managing easier.


Are you creating a new venture? Do you want to make a new change to the old paradigm? Maybe you just need an auxiliary brain to help your team navigate for a while.

I’ll help you think strategically and see  your goals holistically so they work even better than you’ve imagined. We’ll build integrity and joy into every step of the process.

Internal Crisis Communication

Leadership can sometimes feel like a daily battle of trying to put out fires. That’s usually metaphorical, but sometimes that meaning is quite literal.

If you are facing a crisis (urgent labor concern, damaging leadership conflict, and the like) contact me. I can help with internal crisis management and communication.  Contact me to discuss your immediate circumstance.

Why Lead with Character?

Understanding the importance of character can help you better understand your unique path and can anchor every experience in your work and your life. When you are connected to your character, you are better able to address challenges, identify opportunities, and make choices with practical, hopeful confidence.

Benefits include:

Which traits make you happiest & most effective?

Download your Character Compass and reconnect to the things that bring more satisfaction and joy to your work.

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