3 Questions – How Good Are You at Giving Performance Feedback?

Ever notice that books about how managers can learn to give performance feedback focus on really difficult conversations first? It seems like a completely awful place to begin. Sort of like wanting to lose a few pounds and starting your training by being chased by a pack of wild dogs every morning to make sure you …

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Alice in Wonderland is Raging Against the Machine.

Nope, this is not some weird mashup. This is what I realized I was doing while fighting a needless mental battle about the work tasks I resent. I, unlike Alice, strive to take the advice I give. Since my job is to help people become better communicators, it’s fairly vital that I do it well. …

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Earth, Wind & Fire

Problems at work often focus on elemental descriptions: I’m completely buried; I’m blown-away; this project is on fire; we’re totally under water. That may be a sign that we enjoy communing with nature, but probably not. When I start hearing these phrases, it’s a signal that people need to stop, even for a minute, and …

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Hey, Look! Free Brains!

Many companies use the phrase, “people are our greatest asset.” It is a fine sentiment. Despite the common use of that statement, senior management is often suspicious of their greatest asset.  That suspicion can turn into fear and drag a company to a slow and unimaginative demise. Why would top managers be afraid of the …

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Cars, Art & the World of Work

Why do I work to improve workplace communication?  Why do I see intricate and immediate value in the infinite complexity of workplace communication?  Why doesn’t the sea of variability that is working with other humans deter me from trying to help them succeed in making their workplaces better? The answer to all of these is …

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